Girls’ 5/6 football

Fixture dates:

Wednesday 11th October vs Our Lady’s – Home game

Tuesday 17th October vs Church Cowley – Home game

Wednesday 15th November vs St Mary & St Johns – Home game

Thursday 16th November Girls Football Tournament at Oxford City Football Club (Y5/6 girls)

Wednesday 22nd November vs Pegasus – Home game


Girls’ 3/4 football

Fixture dates:

Monday 6th November at the Oxford Academy – 9 – 1pm


Boys’ football

Fixture dates:

Tuesday 26th September vs St John Fisher – Away at St John Fisher

Tuesday 10th October vs Pegasus Primary school – Away at the Blackbird Leys Playgrounds

Monday 16th October vs East Oxford Primary School – Home game – POSTPONED

Tuesday 17th October vs Cowley St.James School – Home game – POSTPONED

Friday 3rd November vs St Christopher’s Primary School – Away at SCC

Monday 6th November vs East Oxford Primary School – Home game

Wednesday 15th November vs St Mary & St Johns – Home game


Match Reports

Match vs St John Fisher

We are so proud of the JHN team in their first ever fixture against another school. The boys had a great attitude and represented the school perfectly. We are very proud!

Match vs Oxford City F.A. Manor Cup 1st Round

We are so proud of the JHN team again, even in the face of a loss the children let their lights shine and had a great attitude.

Well done: Jake, Soteras, Mason, Isaac, Jesse, Shaurya, Mussadiq, Valentino, Amro, AJ, Alfie, Lincoln.

Player of the Match – Jake

Match vs. Our Lady’s – Oxford City F.A. League Match One

We are so proud of our JHN girls! Congratulations on an amazing 2 – 1 victory. You worked so well as team and let your lights shine: Doaa, Yasmin, Reeya-Faye, Emeli, Kallie-Faye, Freya, Evie, Aimee, Chloe, Anastasia.

Players of the match – Reeya-Faye & Kallie-Faye


Match vs. St John Fisher 

We are so proud of our JHN girls! Congratulations on an another amazing 2 – 1 victory. You worked so well as team and let your lights shine: Doaa, Yasmin, Aimee, Reeya-Faye, Emeli, Kallie-Faye, Freya, Evie, Anastasia, Maria, Priya.

Goalscorer: Emeli x2

Match vs. East Oxford Primary 

Congratulations to the boys on their first win of the season 3 – 2! Excellent teamwork, great sportsmanship and brilliant attitudes throughout. We are all very proud of you!

Team: Calvin, Alfie, Eric, Islam, Shaurya, Amro, Mussadiq, AJ, Jesse, Benicio, Omar, Logan.

Goalscorers: AJ x2, Eric

Player of the Match: AJ

Match vs. St John Fisher

Congratulations to our first mixed match of the year with a 1-0 win! We are very proud of they way you came together as a team and truly Shone your Lights.

Team: Mason, Martha, Aya, Vicky, Ava, Rubie-Rose, Serayah, Ahmad, Taigan, AJ, Jake, Eric, Alfie.

Goalscorers: Jake

Player of the Match: Ahmad

Match vs. Pegasus Primary at Blackbird Leys

The girls make it three out of three wins in the Oxford School’s F.A. League Cup & have qualified for the final with maximum points. The finals will be played at Oxford Academy in the New Year. Thank you to Grant Thomas for transporting the children, Jon Kogel once again for the fantastic kit and to Yasmin’s mum for her support too!
Congratulations girls, you deserve it – My ears are just recovering from your chanting on the way home and alternate renditions of Christmas songs!
‘Everywhere we gooo…’

Team: Emeli, Reeya, Doaa, Yasmin, Freya, Kallie, Annie, Evie, Priya, Maria

Goalscorers: Emeli x4, Reeya-Faye & Priya

Player of the Match: Emeli

Match vs. Oxford School’s Girls’ Manor Cup

We’re thrilled to celebrate the resilience and teamwork shown by our girls’ football team in their recent match, despite the outcome not being in our favor. Their positive attitude and camaraderie were truly commendable, and we’re proud of each player’s hard work.

A big “Good job, girls!” for their dedication. While they may have faced challenges, the lessons learned will contribute to their growth. Thank you for your continued support as we look forward to the bright future ahead for our girls’ football team.


Team: Freya, Doaa, Emeli, Reeya, Priya, Kallie, Yasmin, Evie, Chloe, Amy, Maria and Anastasia

Goalscorers: Maria, Emeli

Player of the Match: Priya

Match vs. Our Lady’s

We are excited to share the fantastic news that our recent football match with the year 5/6 girls concluded with a well-deserved 3-1 victory. The outstanding teamwork demonstrated by our players was truly commendable, highlighting their dedication and coordination on the field. This success adds another triumph to our season, making it six wins out of seven matches. We are immensely proud of our team’s hard work and commitment, and we look forward to more exciting moments in the upcoming games. Thank you for your continued support!

Team: Freya, Doaa, Emeli, Reeya, Priya, Kallie, Yasmin, Evie, Chloe, Amy, Maria and Anastasia

Goalscorers: Reeya

Player of the Match: Yasmin, Freya

Match vs. Our Lady’s

Despite the boys’ football team facing a challenging match with a final score of 2-7, we want to applaud their tremendous effort and resilience on the field. They put up a great fight, and amidst the tough competition, we witnessed glimpses of their potential shining through. We are proud of their determination, and with continued support and practice, we’re confident they will bounce back even stronger in the upcoming matches. Let’s rally behind our team and encourage them as they grow and develop their skills.

Team: Alfie, Isaac, Jessie, Ahmad, Amro, Logan, Soteras, Valentino and Lincoln

Goalscorers: Valentino

Player of the Match: Valentino and Soteras

Match vs. St Francis

We are excited to share the fantastic news that our recent football match with the year 5/6 girls concluded with a well-deserved 3-2 victory. Great work team – you have all managed to work as a group and this has really shone all season.
Football Team: Doaa, Yasmin, Freya, Anastasia, Emeli, Reeya-Faye, Kallie-Faye & Priya.

Goalscorers: Emeli x2, Reeya-Faye

Player of the Match: Priya
Goal of the Match: Emeli (With honestly, the best goal I’ve ever seen in 11 years of coaching Primary Schools’ football)
Thank you, to the parents that transported to help get the children to the game, it’s appreciated!

Year 3/4 football friendlies

Year 3 and 4 participated in an exhilarating football friendly match, demonstrating remarkable teamwork and sportsmanship throughout. The boys’ team secured a commendable draw with a 1-1 score, while the girls’ team celebrated a triumphant victory with a 4-2 win! It was a fantastic showcase of their skills and teamwork on the field. Congratulations to all the players! ⚽
JHNA Girls’ 4 – 2 Our Lady’s Girls’
Scorers: Rakeila, Ava, Demi-Leigh & Victoria.
Player of the Match: Victoria
JHNA Boys’ 1 – 1 Our Lady’s Boys
Scorer: Jake
Players of the Match: Calvin & Alfie

Year 5/6 Boys’ Football Friendly -St Mary and St John CE Primary School

Reece, Jake & AJ
A huge thank you goes out to Miss Padbury and all the parents who generously helped transport the boys to their second win of the season! Each and every one of the boys played like absolute champions, earning themselves the title of “man of the match.” Their performance was nothing short of superb, showcasing their talent, dedication, and teamwork on the field.  Well done to the whole team for their outstanding achievement!

Year 3/4 Girls’ football vs St Christopher’s

JHNA 6 – 1 St. Christopher’s
Harmony x2, Ava, Manha, Martha & Vicky.
Player of the Match – Martha
JHNA are currently two wins out of five in their Federation Cup competition with St. Christopher’s. The Year 3/4 Boys’ won 4-1 a fortnight ago with three goals from AJ and one from Jake. The girls Year 5/6 are up next in June and a win there, will seal bring the cup home to Littlemore with two games still to play!
Thank you, to Miss. Knight, Miss. Short, Martha’s parents & Vicky’s dad for helping us transport the children to the match.

John Henry Newman wins the Inaugural Federation Cup!

With two wins already in the bag, JHN Year 5/6 Girls had to win to secure the first ever Federation Cup against St. Christopher’s. The Year 3/4 Boys had previously won 4-1 with the Year 3/4 Girls winning 6-1. Reeya put JHN 1-0 up with a superb curling effort, followed by some superb defending from Freya, Annie & Yasmin. The game had one minute remaining when Reeya ran through and scored once more clinching the win & bringing the Federation Cup to Littlemore. There are still two games to go, the Year 5 Boys and the Year 6 Boys, can we make it 5-0 overall?
Up the JHN Jaguars!

Year 4/5 Girls’ football vs East Oxford Primary School

JHNA 5 – 0 East Oxford
Football Team:
Aimee, Ava, Harmony, Rakeila, Manha, Martha, Minhal, Chloe & Kallie.
Aimee x2, Rakeila x2, Harmony.
Player of the Match:

Year 3 Football with Oxford United F.C.

Sports Week – Year Three Football with Oxford United F.C
A massive thank you to Oxford United F.C. who came in to do a football coaching session with Keble and Wolfson. The children had fun learning new skills, playing football with their friends and exercising. Come on you Yellows!

Sports Week – Year 5/6 Mixed 7-a-Side Football Tournament

Football Team:
Reece, Valentino, Ahmad, Reeya, Emeli, Logan, Dwight, Yasmin & Thato
Reece x2, Valentino
Players of the Tournament:
Valentino & Yasmin
JHNA 1 – 0 Orchard Meadow ‘1’
JHNA 0 – 2 St. John Fisher
JHNA 1 – 0 East Oxford
JHNA 1 – 0 Orchard Meadow ‘2’