Term 5

Exploring our environment (Science/ English/ PSED/ Geography/ CLL)

The children embarked on an exciting exploration of their environment, focusing on the growth of the various plants they had planted. 🌱🌼 Taking turns to water the plants, they engaged in thoughtful discussions about the different textures and smells they discovered. This hands-on experience not only deepened their understanding of nature but also enhanced their speech and language skills as they shared their observations with each other. 🌟 It was a wonderful blend of learning and sensory discovery!

Farmer Gow’s Visiting Farm

The children were delighted by a visit from Farmer Gow’s farm animals! 🐑🐖 They practised using their kind hands while learning about growth and exploring various textures. 🌾 Each child had the chance to ask questions, enhancing their speech and language skills as they discussed the animals’ colours, sizes, textures, and movements with one another. 🐓🐄 It was an engaging and educational experience that brought the wonders of the farm right to their doorstep! 🌟

Fine Motor Fun

The children had a blast developing their fine motor skills during ‘Dough Disco’! 🎉 They strengthened their tiny hands by rolling, patting, and molding the dough into various shapes. 👐 In time to the beat and while singing along to nursery rhymes, they squished, rolled, flattened, and pressed the dough into numerous creative forms. 🎶 It was a fun and rhythmic way to build hand strength and coordination! 🌟



Term 4

The Little Red Hen (English, PSED, Science)

The children were captivated by the classic tale of ‘The Little Red Hen’. 🐔 They were fully engaged in the story’s lessons, sparking lively discussions and reflections. 📚 In the kitchen, they eagerly rolled up their sleeves, honing their fine motor skills while cooking up a storm like the little hen! 👩‍🍳 Through discussions and role-playing, they had a blast improving their communication skills, sharing thoughts and ideas with their peers.  It was a delightful journey of learning and growth!

Growth (Science/ Maths/ Art)

The children delved into the fascinating topic of growth! 🌱 They got their hands dirty practising fine motor skills while planting seeds with various resources, discovering what they need to thrive. 🌿 Engaging in this hands-on experience, they nurtured their curiosity and creativity, culminating in creating their own observational paintings to capture the beauty of growth. 🎨 It was a wonderful journey of discovery and creativity! 🌟

Rocket Mice (Science/ Maths)

The children embarked on an exhilarating science experiment called ‘Rocket Mice’! 🚀 They eagerly took turns, exploring the effects of varying strengths and launching distances. 💬 Through lively discussions about their observations, they not only honed their scientific understanding but also developed their speech and language skills. 🗣️ It was an explosive combination of fun and learning! 🌟

Term 3

Prayer Space

Exciting news from this term! Our little adventurers embarked on a journey to the prayer space, where they took time to reflect on gratitude while exploring calming bottles. 🙏 They also unleashed their creativity with playdough and brought their imaginations to life through colorful drawings, all while refining their fine motor skills. Stay tuned for more updates on their exciting explorations!

Forest School

Adventure alert! 🌲 Our little explorers ventured into the wild wonders of forest school this term!  They immersed themselves in outdoor learning, discovering mini beasts, mastering balance on log climbs, and unleashing their culinary genius in the mud kitchen! 🐞🧗‍♂️ Get ready for more tales from their outdoor escapades.

Under the Sea Fun!

Dive into the depths of our “Under The Sea” adventure this term! 🌊 Our young oceanographers had a blast crafting playdough sea creatures, discovering underwater wonders in the water tray, and diving deep into imaginative role-playing in our under the sea area. 🦀 Let the tales of their aquatic escapades begin!

Term 2

RE/ PSED/ English/ Music

The nursery rockstars have been on a festive adventure, unravelling the magic of the Winter Holidays!  From belting out holiday tunes to mastering lines and actions, they’ve turned the hall into a winter wonderland of fun and learning. Plus, watch out for the communication skills boost – your children are becoming holiday storytellers extraordinaire!  🎄🌟🎤

Science – Exploring with Shadow Puppets

Our little learners dived into the vibrant celebration of Diwali. 🪔✨ While immersing in the festivities, they crafted dazzling patterns, honed those fine motor skills, and explored the magic of light and dark. Get ready for a showcase of their creative brilliance!

Science – Exploring with Shadow Puppets

Our young stars transformed into shadow puppet masters! 🌟 They honed fine motor skills, amped up speech and language, and let their imaginations run wild in the captivating world of light and dark. Stay tuned for more exciting updates from our creative corner!


Putting up the Christmas Tree

Nursery had a brilliant time putting up the Christmas tree – talking about where the directions might go using positional language. Check out how great it looks!

Nursery Autumn Walk

Nursery went on an Autumn walk to find different signs of the seasons changing.

Term 1

Turnip Soup

The children have been busy making Turnip and vegetable soup link to our story of the week – The enormous turnip by Irene Yates. We used tools to cut, spread, stir and more! Check out our amazing work.

Traditional tales

In Nursery this term we are learning about Traditional tales. The children have had great fun re-enacting the story of the three little pigs. We used lots of exciting voices and loved using the props.

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