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Term 2

Physical Education

We have been working on our ball skills this term. This week we were focussing on different types of passing. We learnt about under arm, over arm and bounce passing.

Term 1

English – Writing

Year 2 have been working hard on their ‘Monster Poetry’! They have found onomatopoeia in poems, created their own monstrous poems and then used lots of high level adjectives to describe their own monsters. There are some truly terrifying results.


Religious Education

We have been thinking about the big question ‘can Christians always be kind?’ We invited our local Reverend in to answer some of our burning questions for her.


A Mystery to solve!

We had a mysterious phone call about a bald man on the loose. After a quick search on the school grounds we came back to find the classroom ruined! A few clues were left so we will be doing some investigating to find out more. Check back soon to see our reports and our discoveries as we unravel this myserty.


Jack Peers

Christ Church and New College were very lucky to be the first classes to visit the Jack Peers Centre! We made wands, looked for leaves to create the perfect artwork, learned about the nature code and so much more. Check it out below.