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Term 5


In art, we have been exploring the fascinating world of prehistoric art. In our first lesson, we experimented with sketching, focusing on the shapes and sizes of different parts of a robin. Then, we used charcoal to add intricate details to our robin sketches. The children thoroughly enjoyed bringing their prehistoric-inspired creations to life! ✏️


In history, we delved into the world of Anglo-Saxon artefacts. Acting as archaeologists, we excavated various artefacts and engaged in lively discussions about their origins, materials, and potential uses. ️‍♂️ The children loved this hands-on approach to learning, bringing history to life through discovery and exploration!


In English, we’ve been using secret code marking to improve our writing. Our teacher reviewed our books and gave each of us a colored dot, which served as a secret code. We had to collaborate with classmates who had the same colored dot to figure out what needed to be edited in our writing. It was a fun and interactive way to enhance our editing skills! ️‍♀️


In maths, we have been learning all about money. We’ve been figuring out the value of different notes and coins, and practising adding and subtracting various amounts. ➕➖ The children used money resources to help them understand and solve problems, making the learning experience both practical and fun!


In Computing, we have been experimenting with Google Docs to create our own front covers. ️ We learned how to change the size, font, and color of our text, and added pictures and facts to make our covers stand out. ✨ The children enjoyed getting creative with their designs while learning valuable digital skills!

Design and Technology

In DT, we have been exploring foods from around the world. We discussed different seasons and how foods are imported to the UK. Using an atlas, we had to figure out where various foods come from. ️ The children enjoyed this geographical adventure, learning about global food sources and how they make their way to our tables! ️

Story Museum trip

This term, Year 3 had a fantastic trip to the Story Museum. We explored the Whispering Woods, where we listened to stories from around the world and created our own stories using puppets. We even had a Narnia-themed tour around Oxford! The children had an amazing time immersing themselves in the magic of storytelling and adventure.


In science, we have been learning all about the ideal conditions for plants to grow. We set up an experiment in groups, with each group changing one factor for their plant, such as no sunlight or no water. We recorded our predictions and observed how the plants changed over a few weeks. It was exciting to see the results and understand the importance of different conditions for plant growth!

Art – Roots competition

In art this term, we were set a challenge to design artwork around the theme of roots. We had a discussion about our roots and where we come from, sharing stories and traditions. Each of us then painted our handprint with the flag of our home country. ✋ The children loved this creative project, which beautifully showcased our diverse backgrounds and cultures!

English – Posting our letters

In English, we wrote letters to someone who inspires us. After putting our thoughts and feelings on paper, we took a walk to our local post box to mail our letters. ✉️ The children enjoyed the experience of writing heartfelt messages and sending them out into the world!

Term 4

Jack Peers

Wolfson had an unforgettable day at the Jack Peers Centre! They engaged in thrilling team-building activities, embarked on an exciting scavenger hunt, and delved into the world of animal markings and face painting. It was an enriching experience of outdoor learning, fostering teamwork, curiosity, and adventure!

Exeter College

Year 3 embarked on an exciting adventure to Exeter College in Oxford! They went on a thrilling treasure hunt, gathering fascinating facts about Oxford and its prestigious colleges. In addition, they had the incredible opportunity to sing in the Chapel, filling it with their joyful voices. To top it off, they channeled their creativity by designing stained glass windows inspired by the Chapel’s magnificent architecture. It was a day filled with exploration, learning, and artistic expression!

Corinium Museum

Year 3 embarked on an exciting journey to explore the world of the Romans at the Corinium Museum! ️ They participated in a captivating workshop, immersing themselves in the daily life of Romans through food, clothing, pottery, mosaics, and games. They then delved into the museum’s exhibits, discovering a treasure trove of artifacts and learning about the fascinating history of ancient Rome. ✨ It was an enriching and memorable experience for all!

Corinium Museum

Year 3 had a blast celebrating Book Week! On World Book Day, they transformed into a multitude of creative characters inspired by their favorite books. From wizards to superheroes, their costumes were truly imaginative! ✨ They also enjoyed a delightful morning called ‘Books and Bagels,’ where their adults joined them for a special session of storytelling and breakfast. It was a magical celebration of literature and imagination!

Science Week

During Science Week, Year 3 had an exciting visit from the local police! They learned all about the fascinating world of forensic science, including how to catch a criminal using fingerprints. The officers even brought in their kits so the children could try it out themselves! ‍♂️ It was a hands-on and thrilling experience that sparked their curiosity and imagination!

Design and Technology

Last term, the children embarked on a creative journey into the world of sewing! They learned the basics of stitching, mastering the running stitch with precision and skill. With each carefully placed stitch, they honed their fine motor skills and unleashed their creativity! It was a delightful exploration of a timeless craft!


In Year 3, the focus in maths was on mass and capacity! They delved into the world of measurements, using scales to weigh the mass of various objects found in their classroom. ⚖️ Through hands-on exploration, they gained a deeper understanding of mass and honed their measurement skills! It was a weighty topic that they tackled with enthusiasm and precision!


Term 3


Get ready for some artistic excitement! This term in DT, we delved into the captivating world of printmaking inspired by the incredible Sonia Boyce! ️ Our budding artists got hands-on, experimenting with various stamps and materials, before crafting their very own stamps using cardboard, string, and PVA glue! Witness their creative prints come to life in our vibrant gallery!

Modern Foreign Languages (Spanish)

¡Música, por favor! This term in Spanish , we tuned into the world of musical instruments! Our little linguists put their skills to the test, matching Spanish words to English counterparts and sharpened their ears with audio quizzes! ¡Vamos a bailar y aprender juntos!


Exciting news from our Computing lessons! ️ This term, we dove into the world of Scratch! Our young tech wizards experimented with making things move, tinkering with the programming tools, and even got creative by changing sprites and crafting their own animations! Stay tuned for more digital adventures from our coding corner!



Design and Technology

Let’s talk tech! This term in DT, we delved into the fascinating world of pneumatics! Our young engineers put their skills to the test, crafting their own pneumatic systems using simple materials like straws, balloons, and paper plates. They blew air into the straw, causing the balloon to inflate and making their monster’s mouth open and close! Stay tuned for more hands-on creations from our innovative minds!


Get ready for some mathematical fun! This term in math, we tackled the exciting world of length and perimeter! Our little mathematicians became measurement masters, learning how to measure using millimeters, centimeters, and meters. They put their skills to the test with a classroom challenge, measuring items using rulers and sharpening their math skills along the way! Stay tuned for more numerical adventures!

Term 2


This term, Wolfson had a blast immersing themselves in a session led by the Karate Chris! Our students joyfully teamed up with partners to enhance their balance and coordination skills, delivering kicks with gusto to pads.


This term, the Year 3 students delved into the enchanting world of flip book animations! With creativity flowing, they crafted their own animated tales by drawing characters and skillfully altering each scene on post-it notes. The result? A magical illusion of characters coming to life as you flip through the pages!


Venturing into the realm of digital storytelling, our Year 3 explorers dived into the world of video creation using the laptop app! Armed with creativity, they meticulously planned and brought their tales to life, shaping playful characters from colorful playdough. The magic unfolded as they skillfully paused the video, orchestrating seamless character movements for a captivating visual treat that feels just like a real video!

Art and Design

In the colorful realm of art, our young artists in action! ✨ Year 3 embarked on a journey of creativity, designing mesmerising Cartouches. With pens in hand, they inscribed their names or significant words on the surface. The magic continued as they transformed their visions into tangible art, molding intricate Cartouches from clay. Delicately carving their chosen words, each piece tells a unique story of personal expression!

Design and Technology

In the dynamic world of Design and Technology, Year 3 explored the magic of sliders and levers through the lens of festive creativity! Our young innovators delved into the realm of Christmas card design, kicking off with a thoughtful evaluation of various cards. Reflecting on likes, dislikes, and inspirational elements, they hatched plans for their own masterpieces, considering writing, fonts, images, and the exciting addition of movable features! ️

Outdoor Learning – Jack Peers

This term’s adventure led us to the Jack Peers Centre, where creativity and exploration collided! Our young explorers crafted stunning artwork from the vibrant palette of nature’s leaves, discovering the artistry hidden in every detail. On the trail of excitement, we tracked animal footprints, unlocking the secrets of the great outdoors. Team spirit soared as we engaged in thrilling team-building activities, forging bonds and creating memories that will last a lifetime!


History – Egyptians

This term, Year 3 embarked on an epic journey through the sands of time, delving deep into the wonders of Ancient Egypt in History class! On a thrilling Friday, our young historians transformed into Pharaohs, mummies, and gods, bringing the past to life with vibrant costumes. The classroom buzzed with activity as they constructed mighty pyramids and even embarked on the fascinating task of mummifying bodies—bananas, that is! A day filled with learning, laughter, and unforgettable adventures!

Term 1


In Year 3 we have been introduced to 100s. We have been learning how to represent these numbers using different models and lots of different resources.

Religius Education

This term we are studying the religion of Hinduism. We learnt about the Hindu story of Holi , which is the story behind the festival of colour, which takes place in spring to celebrate new beginnings. The message from the story is to always use our powers for good over evil. We created story boards to map out the story, drawing pictures and writing sentences about each part. 

Design and Technology

in DT we looked at what it means to have a varied diet. We discussed the ‘eat well’ plate and the different food categories we need in order to have a balanced diet. We then discussed what makes food appealing for people and decided on; taste, texture, colours and smells! The kitchen staff set the children a challenge to create a new sandwich that is balanced but also delicious, so we tried a range of different foods to decide which ones we would like in our sandwich! We described the appearance, smell, taste and texture of the food.

 After designing our sandwiches it was time to make and enjoy them! Today we learnt about the importance of a clean surface, cross contamination and hand washing before we made and enjoyed our delicious healthy sandwiches!


In science we set up an experiment to measure the effect of different liquids on eggs! The eggs are being used to represent teeth, so we can see how different drinks effect our teeth over a period of time. Before we set up the experiment we made some predictions about what we think would happen, considering the different ingredients in the liquids. We are checking on the eggs daily too see if or how much they change! 


Our focus artist this term is Frida Kahlo. We studied her painting and talked about what we could see, the purpose of the painting and what we liked about it! 

We have been focusing on how to create different textures and shades using different combinations of lines and tones with our pencil.


Once we have published a piece of writing we like to evaluate our pieces in different ways. In writing we use the dice of destiny. This is where we have a 6 sided dice that corresponds with the 6 objectives on our unit overview. We roll the dice and look to see if we have used that objective in our writing. This helps us to self assess what we have achieved and then formulate our next steps.


Our topic for history this term has been Ancient Egypt. We have been exploring what life was like for them, the jobs they did and the process of mummification and the after life. We started the unit by exploring Ancient Egyptian artefacts. We answered the questions : what do you think this is? What do you think it was used for? What do you think it is made from? 


we have learnt how to count to 10 in Spanish. 

We tested ourselves by matching the Spanish word to the number!