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Term 1


In Year 3 we have been introduced to 100s. We have been learning how to represent these numbers using different models and lots of different resources.

Religius Education

This term we are studying the religion of Hinduism. We learnt about the Hindu story of Holi , which is the story behind the festival of colour, which takes place in spring to celebrate new beginnings. The message from the story is to always use our powers for good over evil. We created story boards to map out the story, drawing pictures and writing sentences about each part. 

Design and Technology

in DT we looked at what it means to have a varied diet. We discussed the ‘eat well’ plate and the different food categories we need in order to have a balanced diet. We then discussed what makes food appealing for people and decided on; taste, texture, colours and smells! The kitchen staff set the children a challenge to create a new sandwich that is balanced but also delicious, so we tried a range of different foods to decide which ones we would like in our sandwich! We described the appearance, smell, taste and texture of the food.

 After designing our sandwiches it was time to make and enjoy them! Today we learnt about the importance of a clean surface, cross contamination and hand washing before we made and enjoyed our delicious healthy sandwiches!


In science we set up an experiment to measure the effect of different liquids on eggs! The eggs are being used to represent teeth, so we can see how different drinks effect our teeth over a period of time. Before we set up the experiment we made some predictions about what we think would happen, considering the different ingredients in the liquids. We are checking on the eggs daily too see if or how much they change! 


Our focus artist this term is Frida Kahlo. We studied her painting and talked about what we could see, the purpose of the painting and what we liked about it! 

We have been focusing on how to create different textures and shades using different combinations of lines and tones with our pencil.


Once we have published a piece of writing we like to evaluate our pieces in different ways. In writing we use the dice of destiny. This is where we have a 6 sided dice that corresponds with the 6 objectives on our unit overview. We roll the dice and look to see if we have used that objective in our writing. This helps us to self assess what we have achieved and then formulate our next steps.


Our topic for history this term has been Ancient Egypt. We have been exploring what life was like for them, the jobs they did and the process of mummification and the after life. We started the unit by exploring Ancient Egyptian artefacts. We answered the questions : what do you think this is? What do you think it was used for? What do you think it is made from? 


we have learnt how to count to 10 in Spanish. 

We tested ourselves by matching the Spanish word to the number!