Term 4


Year 4 has been diligently honing their ‘working scientifically’ skills through a series of captivating experiments! 🧪🔬 From observing chemical reactions to exploring forces and motion, they’ve been hands-on in the pursuit of knowledge. 💡 Check out their hard work and dedication—it’s truly inspiring to see their scientific curiosity in action! 🌟

Term 2

Art and Design

In year 4, the children have been learning about self portraits. They have spent time understandng about proportions, different styles of shading and how these help create different effects and looking at how different artists used shading in their own pieces of art to inspire them. Here is just a few examples from the Year 4 gallery. Wow!

Term 1

Library Visit

We have been enjoying visiting the librarium in the afternoons where we can browse different books, share them with our friends and read stories as a class.


We have been learning lots of new facts and skills in our Geography lessons. We have been learning about longitude and latitude, trying to find ourselves on a map or on the globe. We then tried to take our learning outside to put everything into practice.


Marvellous Maths

We have been working hard with our place value this year. We have been using resources to make our learning hands on – even up to numbers with 1000s in them. Have a look at our brilliant learing below.

Amazing English

In our English we have been writing fantasy descriptions. Have a look at some of the role play, grammar and fantastic work we have produced.

Design Technology

In year 4 we have been using different tools to work on our artwork and design technology skills. Check it out below

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