Term 4

Made in Oxford – Aunt Sally

The Year 6’s have been studying their topic ‘Made in Oxford’ and to finish it off they took part in the Oxfordshire sport of Aunt Sally. It originated in Port Meadow, Oxford during the Civil War as a game to keep the soldiers entertained and has never left Oxfordshire. Ask someone who doesn’t live in Oxfordshire and you’ll be sure to find out they’ve never heard of it.
A big thank you to Andy Beal Chairman of the Oxford District Aunt Sally League and player for the Gladiator Club in Iffley who came in and spoke to the children about the history of Aunt Sally, the rules of the game and brought his equipment in so they could play the game and also to Marc of the JHNA Maintenance team for welding an Aunt Sally stand together so the children could play.


Year 6 has truly impressed us with their dedication to learning algebra this term! While it was a new and daunting concept at first, they tackled it with determination and perseverance. Now, they can confidently read and write expressions, find formulas, and seamlessly substitute letters with numbers. 📝🔢 We couldn’t be prouder of their hard work and progress! 🎉 Well done, Year 6!


Year 6 have been absolutely loving their Spanish lessons! 🇪🇸 They’ve been diving into the language with enthusiasm and dedication. We’re thrilled to share that they can now confidently count in 10s in Spanish! 🔟 It’s amazing to see their progress and passion for learning a new language. ¡Bien hecho, Year 6! 🎉

Forest School

Year 6 has been absolutely thrilled with Treat Fridays as they’ve been diligently attending their after-school booster sessions, diving into revision guides, and following LEARN! 📚☀️ They’ve been putting in the hard work and now it’s time to soak up the sun and have some fun! 🌞 Check out their joyous moments captured in the sunshine! 🎉


During STEM week, Year 6 was immersed in a world of exploration and discovery! 🚀 They delved into a variety of experiments and collaborated to create fantastic projects in groups. The highlight was definitely working scientifically to make predictions and evaluate the outcomes of their experiments. 🔍It was a week filled with wonder, curiosity, and hands-on learning! 🌌


Year 6 dedicated themselves to mastering new skills during their hockey lessons this term! 🏑 Their focus was on honing their control and passing techniques, and they showed incredible determination and perseverance throughout. 💪 It’s been inspiring to see their progress and teamwork on the field!

Term 3


Year 6 had an incredible music session with Magdalen College today! 🎵 They learned two new songs, adding to their repertoire for what promises to be an amazing performance in the summer term alongside Magdalen College! 🌟 The excitement is building, and we can’t wait to see their musical talents shine on stage!

Year 6 trip

Exciting news! Year 6 had an amazing opportunity to spend the day at one of Buckinghamshire, Berkshire, and Oxfordshire’s Nature Reserves this Tuesday! 🌿🌳 They immersed themselves in nature, exploring the wonders of the reserve and learning about the local environment firsthand. It was a day filled with adventure, discovery, and unforgettable experiences!

Design and Technology

What a fantastic morning for Year 6! They dove into the world of materials, investigating and evaluating their properties with enthusiasm. 🔍💡 Now, they’re bubbling with excitement as they anticipate designing and creating their very own masterpiece! 🎨Get ready for some amazing creations to come!


Year 6 had an exhilarating Karate session last Friday with Sensei Chris! 🥋 They delved into the fundamentals, mastering the art of falling safely and honing their skills in maintaining their karate guard. It was a session filled with excitement and friendly competition! 🌟

Term 2


Gymnastics has been a whirlwind of excitement this term! 🤸‍♂️ Our athletes delved into the world of balances, jumps, and rolls, exploring the many ways their bodies can move and shape. 🌟 They discovered the magic of using different body parts to create various shapes and movements, all while having a ton of fun! 🎉 Get ready for some impressive performances ahead!



Four Operations

Mathematics has been a journey of discovery this term! 🧮 We’ve been diving deep into division, exploring various methods to crack those tricky problems. 💡 Our young mathematicians have mastered long division, especially for divisors greater than 12, and have become experts in using manipulatives to count multiples higher than 12.  It’s been a fantastic learning adventure filled with problem-solving and mathematical prowess!



Art class has been a whirlwind of creativity for Year 6! 🎨 This term, we delved into the captivating world of repeated patterns, drawing inspiration from the works of artists like Lois Mailou Jones and William Morris. 🖌️ Our young artists crafted their own unique repeated patterns, painting them onto large cards for printing.  Get ready to see their vibrant designs come to life in our next artistic showcase!



Our amazing Year 6 adventurers took a week-long journey into the world of university life with the help of the ‘IntoUniversity’ team! From mastering budgeting skills to discovering the appeal of different cities, they capped off their experience with a multimedia performance in a real lecture theatre, leaving parents and carers in awe. We were also able to graduate in front of our loved ones in the lecture theatre before going out and throwing our hats to the sky. Watch out world! 🎓✨

Term 1


In Year 6 we have been learning about communication and collaboration. This has involved learning about Intrenet address, finding trends and learning about how we can stay safe while still having fun online.

Design and Technology

In Year 6 we have been learning about circuits and how to make a bulb light up with a switch. once we have mastered this skill, we will be creating our own night lights using our Design and Technology cycle of exploring, designing, evaluating and creating!


This term we have been exploring the use of Boomwhackers and how their size can effect the pitch o ftheir sound. We have been using these instruments to create pieces of music while having fun in the process.

Student Leadership Reveal

We were lucky to have Miss Screaton reveal who has made the student leadership team this year. We have all worked hard writing letters to outline what we would do with the role and what qualities we have which would make us great leaders. Some of us have even spent time campaigning to gain votes from the other children. We now have a head student, two assitant head students, six house captains, two reading leads, two writing leads, two maths leads and two values leads. Look out for more information about us on the website and over social media!

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