Term 2


In Science in Year 1 we have been looking at healthy lifestyles and healthy eating. We have looked at how exercise is important because it keeps us active, it helps our brain with learning and we can grow big and strong!

Term 1

Design and Technology

In design and technology this term the children have been learning about sliders. They had to design and create their own slider poster, making sure they had one moving element to their posters.

Jack Peers adventure

Both Trinity and Lincoln class have had an amazing time at the Jack Peers Centre. They were able to climb trees, capture the wolf, use different tools for different purposes and explore the area! Have a look at how much fun we had!

Outdoor learning

The children this term have been able to fully utilise the amazing grounds we have here at JHN with a focus on reading and writing. They had a go at writing different adjectives and nouns we have learnt in English. The children also enjoyed some reading in the hut and using natural items to form letters.

Science Taste Testing

In year 1 the children have been learning about the human body and the five senses in science. This term the children were able to take part in a taste testing session. They had to tell us what the different food tasted, smelt like and what it felt like.


This term we have been learning about our local area and basic map skills. We took our skills outside and became real-life Geographers in our local area of Littlemore. We followed a route, saw lots of different landmarks and took pictures of what we saw.

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