Term 3

Design Technology

Time for a tasty adventure! This term in Design and Technology, we explored the world of dips and dippers! 🥕 Our young chefs embarked on a delicious journey, tasting various dips and dippers before crafting their own culinary creations. Get ready for some mouthwatering delights from our kitchen to yours! 🥗

Interfaith Week

What an enlightening week we had during Interfaith Week! 🌟 We were thrilled to welcome Reverend Margreet, who not only answered our questions but also guided us through a calming stilling exercise and prayer space. 🙏 Together, we pondered big questions and embraced diversity. We can’t wait for another incredible experience next year! 🎉

Library Visit

Year 1 had a fantastic outing to the library! 📚 They had a blast selecting new books to bring back to school and dive into reading. 🌟 It was a wonderful opportunity for them to explore new stories and expand their imaginations. 📖 Here’s to many more literary adventures ahead!


Exciting news from our science lab! This term, the children explored light sources and had a blast experimenting with reflective materials. 💡 They tested which materials reflect light and which ones don’t, as well as discovering which materials block light. 🕯️🔍 It’s been a hands-on journey of discovery and exploration!  Stay tuned for more scientific adventures!

Term 2

Forest School Fun

This term, our young adventurers reveled in the wonders of Forest School!  Embracing the spirit of independence, they confidently donned their waterproofs, ready for a day of exploration. Creativity flourished as each child crafted unique Christmas decorations using nature’s gifts—Rosemary and pine cones. Teamwork shone bright during spirited swings and careful pushes, while super den building and wood collecting fueled their collaborative spirits. The day wrapped up with cozy moments—hot chocolate, biscuits, and a captivating story under the forest canopy. 🌳☕📚

A trip to the Story Museum

Join us in reliving the enchanting day our Year 1 adventurers spent at the Story Museum! They delved into captivating stories, explored, and immersed themselves in a literary wonderland, creating lasting memories of a magical journey into the world of literature.

Ancient Soliders – History

We embarked on a thrilling adventure into the world of Ancient Roman soldiers and their legendary gear. But we didn’t stop at just learning! We brought history to life by creating our very own Roman soldier dolls, decked out in the coolest equipment of the time. It was a blast, and we got to experience firsthand what it was like to be a Roman soldier – minus the battles, of course! 🛡️⚔️🏺


Maps, Symbols and the cardinal directions – Geography

We had a blast learning about maps, symbols, and the cardinal directions! We discovered North, South, East, and West and figured out how maps use symbols to show places. But the most exciting part was making our own maps with cool symbols to mark special spots. We’re now mini cartographers in the making! 🗺️🌍🧭


In science this term we have been learning about materials. We have been on a material hunt, burying different materials in soil to see what would happen. We have also created umbrellas from different materials to test to see which are waterproof and which are not waterproof.

Term 1

Design and Technology

In design and technology this term the children have been learning about sliders. They had to design and create their own slider poster, making sure they had one moving element to their posters.

Jack Peers adventure

Both Trinity and Lincoln class have had an amazing time at the Jack Peers Centre. They were able to climb trees, capture the wolf, use different tools for different purposes and explore the area! Have a look at how much fun we had!

Outdoor learning

The children this term have been able to fully utilise the amazing grounds we have here at JHN with a focus on reading and writing. They had a go at writing different adjectives and nouns we have learnt in English. The children also enjoyed some reading in the hut and using natural items to form letters.

Science Taste Testing

In year 1 the children have been learning about the human body and the five senses in science. This term the children were able to take part in a taste testing session. They had to tell us what the different food tasted, smelt like and what it felt like.


This term we have been learning about our local area and basic map skills. We took our skills outside and became real-life Geographers in our local area of Littlemore. We followed a route, saw lots of different landmarks and took pictures of what we saw.

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