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At John Henry Newman Academy (JHNA), all our children will be given the opportunity to experiment, invent and create their own unique and individual works of art. Through the use of high-quality resources, we will learn to sketch, draw, paint and sculpt whilst learning about the techniques of colour, pattern, texture, line, shape, form and design. As pupils progress through JHNA, they should gain a deeper understanding of how Art and Design reflects and shapes our history, and how it contributes to the culture, creativity and of our surrounding world.

As a school we shall ensure that:

  • Pupils become confident in discussing artwork and artistic techniques.
  • They will have the opportunity to develop ideas, opinions, feelings, judgments about their own art and others.
  • We encourage the use of imagination when creating our own original pieces.
  • We are learning about artists across the world and from Oxfordshire.
  • We are inventive and creative.
  • We are confident to share our artwork with others.

We want our children to use the local area as an inspiration, to also learn from other cultures whilst respecting diversity. Therefore, we have carefully selected a wide range of unique artists, craft makers and designers for your children to study



At JHNA, Art is taught in every year group, on a two week cycle. Throughout their time at JHNA, every child is given the opportunity to learn the skills of drawing, painting, printing, sculpture and digital art through the exploration of an initial key artist, craft maker or designer and their work through in-depth discussion. Pupils explore how their art can share commonalities with famous art and use subject-specific vocabulary to discuss key artworks and their own work.


To support teaching, staff access a range of resources and planning as well as working alongside one another to develop an effective and stimulating curriculum with a progression of skills across the school. Teachers follow a clear progression of skills which ensures all pupils are challenged in line with their year group expectations and are given the opportunity to build on their prior knowledge. Opportunities to complete peer assessments are encouraged during lessons to develop pupils who are confident in critiquing art work, so that they can share their opinions and discuss how to improve and assign their own targets for future lessons.


Our EYFS staff encourage our pupils to explore different media, explore how a range of different mediums can be combined to create a collection of skills and techniques experimenting through colour, design, texture and form. Pupils are provided with daily opportunities to enjoy carefully planned and well resourced creative areas both indoors and outdoors. Children are encouraged to discuss and develop their communication and language skills through talking about their creations and sharing these through class and group discussions to improve confidence and raise self-esteem.


Key Documents

Curriculum Map

Key Vocabulary

Progression Map

The Foundations of Art



What an incredible collaboration! Neo Cartouche, alongside the children, has crafted a magnificent joint art project that explores the theme of roots and heritage. 🎨🌳 Each interconnected picture forms a part of a larger masterpiece, symbolizing the unity and diversity of our community’s roots. 🌟 It’s truly inspiring to see the creativity and talent of our young artists on display! If you’re in the area, be sure to visit Saint Mary & Saint Nicholas church in Littlemore to witness this remarkable exhibition, on display through May 2024. 🖼️🌿