At the John Henry Newman Academy, keeping in touch with parents is very important to us. Whether this is a short conversation with a class teacher at the classroom door, a longer message or updates on how your child is doing and what they have acheived. We have a number of ways to keep in touch and we are constantly updating these.

If you have any issues logging on, or signing up – please get in touch with the school office and they will guide you through the process of setting it up.

Phone number: 01865 772495

Email address:



We have been using ParentMail in operation at the Academy for email communication since 2018 and has proved to be a quick and easy way to stay connect with all of you.

As this is one of our primary ways of communication, it is important all our parents and carers are connected as more and more payment types have been made available on the ParentMail system.

As parents, you are able to pay for educational visits, make appointments for Parents’ Evenings, top up your child’s dinner money etc., through your ParentMail account. Paying by ParentMail is easy, safe and available 24/7 at your convenience.  Payments can be made by debit or credit card.

We want to ensure all our students have the opportunity to access all of our curricular and extra-curricular activities and do not lose out on the types of events offered. As we all have very busy lives, activating an account will allow you to complete an online form in one quick easy step; for example an educational visit; saving you time, especially if you activate the mobile app and complete on your mobile phone.

A ParentMail help guide is also available by clicking the link below.

Click here for the ParentMail Help Guide.



At JHN we use ‘Studybugs’ – which is our system for securely reporting absence as well staying in touch with the school.

Studybugs offers a way to quickly report your child’s absence as well as a way for our school to get in touch with all of you. Multiple users can be added so that more than one parent/ carer can respond and communicate.

Top 3 reasons to use Studybugs

  1. It’s integrated with our school systems so we know right away if your child is unaccounted for;
  2. It’s quick and easy to register and use and automatically reminds you to keep us posted about absence;
  3. You’ll be helping the NHS and other public health organisations improve children’s health. (

If you need to sign up there are a number of ways:

Ideally the e-mail details you use to login would match the contact details at the school so if you have a number of e-mail addresses please use the one we have on our systems. School staff will be able to help with this if you are in any doubt. This system goes live across all schools on Monday 3rd July 2023. We hope this will be an improvement on our present systems and allow for the timely collection of attendance information and prompt follow up.



At JHN we use Tapestry as our main method of sharing exciting news, picture of high quality work or educational visits and notices from class teachers. Tapestry is able to provide each individual child with an online Learning Journal held online. Parents and carers are given their own log-in using their email.

All our staff are given a secure log-in. They can then upload observations, photos or videos; recording children’s achievements and assessing their learning in reference to the EYFS, Keys Stage 1 and Key Stage 2 curriculum. Once added to Tapestry, an email is automatically generated to parents/carers so that they are able set up to that child’s account and they are informed whenever an observation has been added so they can have a look and add any of their own comments to it.

Parents/carers can also add their own observations of their child to share progress and milestones at home. To find out more about how Tapestry works, please click here.

Make sure you are signed up so that you can keep updated with all of the exciting activities your child gets up to on their JHN adventure. We would love to see posts of what you get up to at home so make sure you pop on a picture or send us a message there too!