At John Henry Newman Academy we do expect full attendance from every child and also for them to arrive at school in time for registration.

If your child is ill it is essential that you contact the school using the StudyBugs App or by telephone 01865 772495. If you do not contact the school we are required by the Government to follow up unexplained or excessive absences from school so you will be sent a Parent Mail asking you why your child is not in school, and you may also receive a phone call.

All medical appointments (Doctor or Dentist) should be made outside of school hours. If your child has a medical appointment which cannot be arranged outside of school hours please send in a written note or give a verbal message to your child’s class teacher.

We appreciate that hospital appointments may take place during the school day. If your child has a hospital appointment, please ensure that you inform the school office or class teacher and bring in a copy of the letter from the hospital.

Where children are frequently absent we will follow the procedures as recorded in our school attendance policy and, ultimately, poor attendance may result in court action.

PLEASE NOTE: NO holidays can be authorised during the school term.


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