We are committed to ensuring positive behaviour practices at JHNA and are here for your children and you if you need us.
We have a reward based system and encourage children to make positive choices so that they can learn from their mistakes and can during this journey also develop their awareness of self and others.

The following are the underlying principles we wish to nurture throughout our Academy:

  • Follow L.E.A.R.N (See above poster)
  • Treat all members of the Academy community with consideration and respect.
  • Be polite, cooperative and friendly
  • Work hard with a sense of purpose
  • Appreciate the Academy environment and respect the property of others
  • Value other people, their work and their opinions
  • Respect the culture and belief of others
  • Work within the Academy values.

It is very important that rewards and sanctions experienced by children at JHNA are at all times consistent and fair. Each class has displayed LEARN, rewards and consequences. The schools Good to be Green strategy encourages pupils to behave well and take responsibility for their actions, all staff follow the nurture principles to support positive behaviour and build resilience.

Our success tracker system is in place to monitor and support children’s behaviour with the involvement of their parents.

Please see our school policies page for our up to date behaviour policy. 

Hear the policy from some of the children to find out more!