Term 2

Exploring, Tasting, and Creating Winter Magic in the Nest! 🍎📚

Our children in the nest had a thrilling adventure exploring textures, tastes, and festive fine motor fun! From snowy crafts to scrumptious discoveries, the Nest buzzed with laughter and learning. Our Maths, writing, and reading skills have soared to new heights as our Nestlings spread their wings of knowledge! 🚀📖

Term 1

Pumpkin Fun in the Nest

The nest children have been having a brilliant week with all things spooky! Take a look at their pumpkin carving and spooktacular crafts.

The past few weeks in the Nest has been super busy for us all! We have been learning about space, making moon biscuits, playing outside on the ‘rocket’, papier-mâché planets and lots more!

We hope you enjoy looking through these pictures.

We have a ‘learning journey’ book for each child which has more pictures and work in. If your child is in the nest and you would like to see it, please speak to Miss Dallimore or Miss Snell

This week in The Nest we have been very busy getting messy with Halloween activities, working extremely hard with our fine motor skills and pencil control skills, having lots of fun exploring the role play corner becoming shop keepers and very caring doctors and nurses…
Miss Dallimore and Miss Snell are very proud of all the hard work you are all doing in The Nest with your Phonics, Maths Reading, listening Skills, Fine Motor and so much more! Keep letting your light shine 🌟

Have a look at some of the exciting sensory activities they children have available for them in the nest.